Bachelor of Arts



Required courses in the Department are arranged to strengthen students’ ability to read and understand historical materials, thus fostering their creative and analytical as well as literary abilities. Coursework is designed to stimulate students to deepen their understanding of the tradition of Chinese thought.

Courses can be selected from the classics, history, philosophy, or traditional literature, as well as from contemporary thought. To better prepare our students’ abilities to enter the job market after graduation, the Department has recently started offering a broader range of courses.

Students are allowed to select courses from outside the department offer and, depending on the students’ abilities, they are also permitted to choose a Minor degree or double major in other subject.

To develop its course varieties, the Department has set up a Curriculum Committee, which meets regularly each semester to make adjustments to the courses offered and their contents.


Bachelor of Arts

Required Courses :

1. Introduction to Classical Chinese Studies 2/2

2. Introduction to Literature 2/2

3. Introduction to Linguistics 2/2

4. Freshman Chinese 2/2

5. Chinese Paleography 2/2

6. History of Chinese Literature 3/3

7. Readings in Chinese Prose with Writing Practice 2/2

8. Readings in Chinese Poetry with Writing Practice 2/2 Course description 1 Course description 2

9. Chinese Phonology 2/2

10. Readings in Tzu with Writing Practice 2/2

11. History of Chinese Thought 3/3

12. Semantics 2/2


Optional Courses:

1. Readings in Modern Chinese Prose 2/2

2. Readings in Modern Chinese Fiction 2/2

3. Modern Chinese Poetry 3/3

4. Four Books 2/2

5. Red Chamber Dreams 2/2

6. Tso Chuan 3/3

7. Shih Chi 3/3

8. The Aethics Of Chinese Classical Poetry

9. Readings in Chinese Drama 3/3

10. The Studies of Ancient Chinese Script 3/3

11. Royal secretary

12. Book of Changes

13. Shih Ching

14. Li Chi 3/3

15. Hsun-Tsu

16. Lieh-Tzo 2/2

17. Chuang Tsu 3/3

18. Han Fei Tsu 3/3

19. Huai Nan Tsu 3/3

20. Selectes readings in Chu-Tzu

21. Poetry of Du Fu

22. Tzu of Su Shih 3/3

23. Tzu of Su Shin and Hsin Chi-Chi 3/3

24. Poetry of Li Shang-Yin3/3

25. Chuaan-Hsi Lu

26. Wen Hsin Tiao Lung 3/3

27. The Pedagogism of Chinese Language

28. Zuozhuan


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