Job titleNameResearch expertise
Professor and ChairmanMEI Chia-lingLiterature of the Six Dynasties【六朝文學】 and Modern Literature【現代小說】.
ProfessorCHENG Yu-yuChinese Literary Criticism【中國文學批評】, Aesthetics of the Six Dynasties【六朝美學】, and Ode (Fu) Style Poetry【賦學研究】.
ProfessorTSAI YuChinese Literature【中國文學】, Chinese Poetry【中國詩學】, Studies on Tang Poetry【唐詩學】, Poetry of TAO Yuan-ming【陶淵明詩】, Poetry of HSIEH Ling-yun【謝靈運詩】, and Feminist Literature【女性文學】.
ProfessorCHEN Chao-yingConfucian Studies【儒學】, Literary Theory【文學理論】, Taiwanese Literature【臺灣文學】, and Aesthetics【美學】.
ProfessorLI Huei-mianDramatic Theory【戲劇理論】, Performance Theory【表演理論】, and Dramatic Literature【戲劇文學】.
ProfessorHSU Fang-minChinese Phonology【音韻學】 and Chinese Dialects【方言學】.
ProfessorHORNG Shu-lingFolk Literature【民間文學】 and Modern Chinese Poetry【現代詩】.
ProfessorKANG Yun-meiClassical Chinese Fiction【中國古典小說】, Modern Chinese Fiction【中國現代小說】, and Classical Chinese Prose【中國古典散文】.
ProfessorHUANG Yi-jen Tang and Song Dynasty Poetry【唐宋詩】 and Tang and Song Dynasty Literary Criticism【唐宋文學批評】.
ProfessorHSU Fu-changChinese Paleography【文字學】, Ancient Chinese Paleography【古文字學】, Archeological Finds【出土文獻】, Studies on Wooden Slips【簡牘學】, Intellectual Thoughts of Zhuang Zi and Lao Zi【老莊學術】, Intellectual Thoughts of the Three Kingdoms【三國學術】, and Chivalric Novel【武俠小說】.
ProfessorLAU Siu-hungStudies on Ci Poetry【詞學】, Song Dynasty Literature【宋代文學】, and Studies on Chinese Poetry【詩學】.
ProfessorTSAO Shu-chuanMing and Qing Dynasty Literature【明清文學】 and Studies on Classical Chinese Poetry and Prose【古典詩詞學】.
ProfessorCHANG Su-chingStudies on Chun Qiu (The Spring and Autumn Annals) and Zuo Zhuan (The Chronicle of Zuo)【春秋左傳學】, Chinese Narrative Study【中國敘事學】, Confucian Thoughts【儒家思想】, and Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian)【史記】.
ProfessorLEE Long-shienChinese Literature【中國文學】, Studies on History【歷史學】, Studies on Chinese Classics【經學】, Modern Chinese Fiction【現代小說】, and Studies of Narrative【敘事學】.
ProfessorOU Li-chuanTang Dynasty Poetry【唐代詩歌】 and Dream of the Red Chamber【紅樓夢】.
ProfessorTSAI Chen-fengWei and Jin Dynasty Metaphysics【魏晉玄學】, Wei and Jin Dynasty Buddhist Studies【魏晉佛學】, and History of Chinese Philosophy【中國哲學史】.
ProfessorHSU Sheng-hsin Chuang Tsu【莊子】, Pre-Qin Confucianism【先秦儒學】, and Late Ming Dynasty Buddhism【晚明佛教史】.
ProfessorLEE His-chenLiterature and Literary Criticism of the Six Dynasties【六朝文學與批評】.
ProfessorLEE Chun-chihLinguistics【語言學】 and Chinese Phonology【漢語音韻學】.
ProfessorHSIEH Pei-fenSpecialty: Song Dynasty Poetry【宋代詩學】, Poetry and Writings of HAN yu【韓愈詩文研究】, Poetry and Writings of BAI Ju-yi【白居易詩文研究】, and Poetry of Writing of the Tang and Song Dynasty【唐宋詩文】.
ProfessorCHEN Chih-hsin Chinese Classics【經學】 and Chinese Literature【文學】.
ProfessorCHANG Li-liHistorical Syntax【歷史語法】, Chinese Syntax【漢語語法】, and Linguistics【語言學】.
ProfessorCHAO Fei-pangStudies on Library Documents and Materials【圖書文獻學】, Chinese Semantics【訓詁學】, and Buddhist Thoughts【佛教思想】.
ProfessorLIU Wen-chingChinese Semantics【訓詁學】 and Mo Tsu【墨子】.
ProfessorCHEN Chui-yingClassical Chinese Fiction【中國古典小說】 and Readings on Feminist Works【女性閱讀】.
ProfessorPERNG Meei-lingChinese Classics【經學】 and Ancient Rites【古代禮俗】.
ProfessorHUANG Chi-shuIntellectual Thoughts of the Han Dynasty【漢代學術思想】.
ProfessorWU Zhen-xunChinese Confucian and Daoist Thoughts【中國儒家、道家思想】, Pre-Qin Philosophers【先秦諸子】, and Hsun Tsu【荀子】.
Associate ProfessorWEI Hsiu-mingLinguistics【語言學】.
Associate ProfessorTSAI Bi-mingClassical Medical Thoughts【醫家思想】, Daoism【道家研究】, and Pre-Qin Philosophers【先秦諸子】.
Associate ProfessorLU Kuei-chenWei and Jin Dynasty Metaphysics and Buddhist Studies【魏晉玄佛學】 and Philosophy of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi【老莊哲學】.
Associate ProfessorLAW YanWei and Jin Dynasty Metaphysics【魏晉玄學】 and Wei and Jin Dynasty Buddhist Study【魏晉佛學】.
Associate ProfessorTING LiangChinese Paleography【文字學】, Chinese Ming-shi Theory【中國名實問題】, and Lao Zi【老子】.
Associate ProfessorLEE Wen-yuMythology【神話】, Tzu of the Tang and Song Dynasty【唐宋詞】, and Tang Dynasty Poetry【唐詩】.
Associate ProfessorWU Min-minChu Ci (Songs of Chu)【楚辭】, Han Dynasty Fu-style Poetry (Han Fu)【漢賦】, and Contemporary Mainland Chinese Literature【當代大陸文學】.
Associate ProfessorLIN Yung-shengNeo-Confucianism【理學】and Taoist thoughts【道家思想】.
Associate ProfessorKO Chia cianModern Chinese Literature【近現代文學】 and Sinophone Malaysian Literature【馬華文學】.
Associate ProfessorPAN Shaw-YuModern Literature and Culture【近代文學與文化】, and Literary Criticism【文學批評】, and Translation Literature【翻譯文學】, and Comparative Literature【比較文學】
Associate ProfessorLIN Horng-jiaChinese Paleography【 古文字學】、Shih Ching(The Book of Songs)【詩經】、The exegetic reading of Pre-Qin Literature 【先秦文獻訓讀】
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Assistant ProfessorYANG Fang-yenHistory of Contemporary Chinese Thoughts【中國近現代思想史】.
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