Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorHUANG Pei-jungStudies on I Ching 【易學】, Chinese Paleography【文字學】, Studies on Library Documents and Materials【圖書文獻學】, and Research on Languages in Mainland China【大陸語文研究】.
名譽教授TSENG Yong-yihChinese Drama【戲曲】, Folk Literature【俗文學】, Chinese Poetry and Songs【詩歌】, and Folk Arts【民俗藝術】.
名譽教授HSIA Chang-PwuHistory of Chinese Thought【中國思想史】, Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian) 【史記】, Si Shu (The Four Books)【四書】, Intellectual Thoughts of the Song Dynasty【宋代學術思想】, and Intellectual History of China since 17th Century【中國近三百年學術史】.
ProfessorLEE Wei-taiIntellectual history of the Eastern/Early and Western/Later Han【兩漢學術史】, Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian)【史記】, Han Shu (The Book of Han)【漢書】, and Si Shu (The Four Books)【四書】.
ProfessorHSIAO Li-huaStudies on Chinese Poetry【中國詩學】, Buddhist Studies【佛學】, Literary Theory【文學理論】, and Education【教育】.
名譽教授HO Chi-pengChinese Literary History【中國文學史】, Classical Prose【古典散文】, Modern Prose【現代散文), and Taiwanese Literature【臺灣文學】.
名譽教授HO Chak-hangHistory of Chinese Classics【中國經學史】, I Ching (The Book of Changes)【易經】, Chuang Tsu and Lao Zi【莊子與老子】, and Si Shu (The Four Books)【四書】.
名譽教授YANG Hsiu-fangLinguistics【語言學】.
ProfessorFANG JieTang and Song Dynasty Prose【唐宋散文】 and Writings of HAN Yu and LIOU-Zong-yuan【韓柳文】.
名譽教授CHANG Pei-peiClassical Chinese Studies【國學】 and Thoughts and Culture of the Wei and Jin Dynasty【魏晉思想文化】.
Associate ProfessorCHIANG Chiu-hua Chinese Classics【經學】.
Assistant Professor 
Assistant Professor 
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