Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorDU Qi-rong 
ProfessorLONG Yu-chun 
ProfessorLE Heng-jun 
ProfessorCHIN Chia-hsiChuang Tsu【莊子】.
ProfessorCHENG Yuan-Min 
ProfessorHUANG Qi-fang 
ProfessorPreng YiChu Tzu【楚辭】 and Chinese Mythology【中國神話】.
ProfessorCHOU Xue-wu 
ProfessorHUNG Kuo-liang 
ProfessorWU Hung-i 
ProfessorCHANG Shu-hsiangLiterary Theory【文學理論】, Chinese Poetry and Prose【中國詩詞】, and Chinese Drama and Fiction【中國戲劇小說】.
ProfessorWANG Kuo-yingHistory of Chinese Literature【中國文學史】, Poetry of LI Po【李白詩】, and Poetry and Prose of TAO Yuan-ming【陶淵明詩文】.
ProfessorHSU James C.H.Studies on Oracle-bone-script【甲骨學】、Ancient Chinese Paleography【中國古文字學】, Ancient Chinese Society【中國古代社會】, and Museum Studies【博物館學】.
ProfessorCHENG Chi-hsiung, DennisStudies on the Classic of Changes (Yijing)【易經學】, Intellectual History in Late Imperial China【清代學術史】, and History of Chinese Thoughts【中國思想史】.
ProfessorKUO Yuh-wenDream of the Red Chamber【紅樓夢】, Classical Chinese Literature【古典文學】, Modern Chinese Fiction【現代小說】, Taiwanese Fiction【臺灣小說】History of Chinese Literature【中國文學史】, and Song Dynasty Poetry【宋代詩學】.
Associate ProfessorCHEN Shuen-jeng 
Associate ProfessorCHEN Rui-geng 
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