Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorKUBO De-er 
ProfessorMAO Zi-shui 
ProfessorDONG Zuo-bin 
ProfessorKAMITA Kiichiro 
ProfessorHONG Yan-qiu 
ProfessorDAI Jun-ren 
ProfessorTAI Jing-nong 
ProfessorZHENG Qian 
Associate Professor 
ProfessorSHI Ci-yun 
ProfessorQU Wan-li 
ProfessorQU Xian-gong  
ProfessorWU Shou-li 
ProfessorPING Cheng-ji 
ProfessorHUANG De-shi 
ProfessorDONG Tong-he 
ProfessorCHANG Ching 
ProfessorWANG Shu-min 
ProfessorLI Xiao-ding 
ProfessorJIN Xiang-heng  
ProfessorKONG De-cheng 
ProfessorLiao Wei-ching 
TeacherWU Lian-pei 
ProfessorYE Qing-bing 
ProfessorChang Yi-Jen 
名譽教授HE You-sen 
ProfessorGU Qing-mei 
ProfessorLIU Xiang-fei 
ProfessorLIU Teh-hanHan Shu (The Book of Han)【漢書】, Shi Ji (Records of the Grand Historian)【史記】, and Huai Nan Zi (The Masters/Philosophers of Huainan, is a 2nd century BC Chinese philosophical classic from the Han dynasty that blends Daoist, Confucianist, and Legalist concept
ProfessorLUO Lian-tian 
ProfessorCHOU Feng-wuThe Art of Calligraphy【書法藝術】, Chinese Paleography【文字學】, Dun-huang Studies【敦煌學】, Culture of the Chu Dynasty【楚文化】, Chinese Classical Literature【中國古典文學】, History of Pre-Qin and Western/Eastern Han Classics【先秦兩漢經學史】, and History of Ming and Qing Dynasty Paint
名譽教授CHANG HengChinese Thoughts【中國思想】 and Literary Theory【文學理論】.
名譽教授PEI Pu-yen 
Associate ProfessorWANG Pao-chenPoetry and Tzu of SU Dong-po【蘇軾詩詞】, Tzu od QIN Guan【秦觀詞】, Prose of Tang and Song Dynasties【唐宋文】, and The Dream of the Red Chamber【紅樓夢】.
ProfessorYANG Cheng-zu 
ProfessorCHOU Fu-meiMo Tsu【墨子】, Han Fei Tzu【韓非子】, and Pre-Qin Philosophers【先秦諸子】.
ProfessorCHANG ChienChinese Literature【中國文學】, Western Literature【西洋文學】, and Chinese Thoughts【中國思想】.
名譽教授KO Ching-mingLiterary History【文學史】, Literary Theory【文學理論】, Literary Criticism【文學批評】, Aesthetics【美學】, and Taiwanese Literature【臺灣文學】.
Associate ProfessorCHEN Hiu-wu 
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