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NameKANG Yun-mei
Telephone number+886-2-33664042
Educational qualificationPhD, National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Ru Lin Wai Shi (The Scholars) (A Chinese novel depicts various kinds of scholars in the background of imperial examination, the author is WU Jing-zi吳敬梓 of the Qing Dynasty.)【儒林外史】, San Guo Yan Yi (The Romance of Three Kingdoms)【三國演義】, Shui Hu Zhuan (Outlaws of the Marsh)【水滸傳】, Readings in Chinese Fiction【小說選】, Readings in Tang Song Fiction【唐宋小說選讀】, Readings in Chinese Prose with Writing Practice【歷代文選及習作】, and Chinese【國文】.
Research expertiseClassical Chinese Fiction【中國古典小說】, Modern Chinese Fiction【中國現代小說】, and Classical Chinese Prose【中國古典散文】.


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