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NameHSU Fu-chang
Telephone number+886-2-33664021
Educational qualificationPhD, National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Shuo Wen Jie Zi (Explaining Simple and Analyzing Compound Characters – An early 2nd century CE Chinese dictionary from the Han Dynasty.)【說文解字】, Bronze Inscription: Selected Readings【銅器銘文選讀】, Readings in Prose of Pre-Qin Period and Western/Eastern Han Periods【先秦兩漢散文選】, Readings in Chinese Prose with Writing Practice【歷代文選及習作】, Introduction to Ancient Books【古籍導讀】, Ancient Chinese Paleography【古文字學】, Chinese Paleography【文字學】, Chinese: Readings in Chuang Tsu (莊子) and Lao Zi’s (老子) Works, The Romance of Three Kingdoms (三國演義), and Studies on the Dream of the Red Chamber (紅樓夢)【國文:老莊選讀、三國演義、紅樓夢】, and Emprise in Literature【俠義文學】.
Research expertiseChinese Paleography【文字學】, Ancient Chinese Paleography【古文字學】, Archeological Finds【出土文獻】, Studies on Wooden Slips【簡牘學】, Intellectual Thoughts of Zhuang Zi and Lao Zi【老莊學術】, Intellectual Thoughts of the Three Kingdoms【三國學術】, and Chivalric Novel【武俠小說】.


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