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NameCHANG Heng
Educational qualificationM.A., National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job title名譽教授
DisciplineCourse Offered: Seminar on Chinese Thought【中國思想專題研究】, Hsun Tsu【荀子】, Introduction to Pre-Qin Philosophers【先秦諸子概說】, History of Chinese Thoughts【中國思想史】, Commentary on the I Ching (Yi Zhuan) and Zhong Yong (The Doctrine of the Mean)【易傳與中庸】, Jin Si Lu (Written by ZHU Xi朱熹 and LU Zu-qian呂祖謙, dialogues of northern/early Song neo-Confucianism 理學 scholars: ZHOU Dun-yi 周敦頤, CHENG Hao 程顥, CHENG Yi 程頤, and ZHANG Zai張載) and Chuan Xi Lu (Written by WANG Yang-ming王陽明, dialogues between XU Ai 徐愛 and WANG Yang-ming王陽明)【近思錄與傳習錄】, Pre-Qin Philosophers’ Discourse on Mind【先秦諸子論心專題】, Chuang Tsu【莊子】, and History of the Chinese Mind【中國人文精神之發展】.
Research expertiseChinese Thoughts【中國思想】 and Literary Theory【文學理論】.


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