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NameLEE Wei-tai
Telephone number+886-2-33664024
Educational qualificationPhD, National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Si Shu (The Four Books)【四書】, Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian)【史記】, Study on Shih Chi【史記研究】, Han Shu (The Book of Han)【漢書】, Studies on Han Shu【漢書研究】, Comparative Studies on Shih Chi and Han Shu【史漢論贊比較研究】, Lun Heng (Critical essays on natural science, Chinese mythology, philosophy, and literature; the author is WANG Chong王充 of the Eastern Han Dynasty.)【論衡】, Yan Tie Lun (Critical essays on politics, its suthor is HUAN Kuan桓寬 of the Han Dynasty.)【鹽鐵論】, Selected Readings on Ancient Intellectual Sources of Qin and Han Dynasty【秦漢學術史料選讀】, Introduction to Classical Chinese Studies【國學導讀】, Readings in Chinese Prose with Writing Practice【歷代文選及習作】, and Chinese【國文】.
Research expertiseIntellectual history of the Eastern/Early and Western/Later Han【兩漢學術史】, Shih Chi (Records of the Grand Historian)【史記】, Han Shu (The Book of Han)【漢書】, and Si Shu (The Four Books)【四書】.


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