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NameCHANG Chien
Educational qualificationM.A., National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Readings in Modern Chinese Fiction【現代小說選】, Chinese Modern Poetry【現代詩選】, The Dream of the Red Chamber【紅樓夢】, Chinese【國文】, Shih Chi (Records of Grand Historian)【史記】, Zuo Jhuan (The Chronicle of Zuo)【左傳】, Introduction to Chinese Literature【文學概論】, History of Chinese Literature【中國文學史】, History of Chinese Literary Criticism【中國文學批評史】, Literary Criticism【文學批評】, Guide to Chinese Reading and Writing【國文閱讀及寫作指導】, Literary Appreciation and Creative Writing【文學欣賞與創作】, Poetry of DU Fu【杜詩】, Readings in LI Po Poetry【李白詩】, Poetry of BAI Ju-yi【白居易詩】, Poetry of SU Dong-po【蘇軾詩】, Readings in Song Poetry【宋詩選】, Studies on Poetry【詩話研究】, Shi Shuo Xin Yu (The New Tales of the World: depicts upper level scholars’ thoughts and living of the Wei and Jin Dynasty, written by LIU Yi-qing劉義慶 of the Song Dynasty.)【世說新語】, Comparative Poetry【比較詩歌】, Comparative Criticism【比較批評】, Post-Song Literary Theory【宋代以後文學理論】, Seminar on Chinese Classical Fiction【古典小說專題】, Seminar on Modern Chinese Literature【現代文學專題】, Connoisseurship to Ancient and Modern Chinese Poetry【古今詩詞鑑賞】, Shi Jing (The Book of Odes)【詩經】, Chu Tzu (Songs of Chu)【楚辭】, Drama (Za Ju雜劇) in the Yuan and Ming Dynasty【元明雜劇】, Readings in Modern Chinese Drama【現代戲劇選】, News Writing【新聞寫作】, The Society and Newspaper Industry in Taiwan【臺灣社會及報業】, Introduction to Linguistics【語言學概論】, and Poetry of WANG Wei王維 and MENG Hao-ran孟浩然【王孟詩選】.
Research expertiseChinese Literature【中國文學】, Western Literature【西洋文學】, and Chinese Thoughts【中國思想】.


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