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NameCHI I-shou
Telephone number+886-2-33664052
Educational qualificationM.A., National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Studies in the Poetry of HSIEH Ling-yun【謝靈運詩研究】, Reading in Chinese Prose: Pre-Qin, Western/Eastern Han, Wei, Jin and the Southern & Northern Dynasties【歷代文選:先秦、兩漢、魏晉南北朝】, Modern Chinese Prose【現代散文】, Poetry of TAO Yuan-ming (陶淵明) and XIE Ling-yun (謝靈運)【陶謝詩】, Wen Xin Diao Long (China’s first work of aesthetics and also the first systematic work of literary criticism from that country; the author is Liu Xie劉勰)【文心雕龍】, Seminars on Ship Pin (A literary criticism work of the Liang Dynasty which criticizes 122 five-character poets and their poems.)【詩品研究】, Studies on Wen Xin Diao Long【文心雕龍研究】, History of Chinese Literature【中國文學史】, and Readings in Writings of the Six Dynasties【六朝文論】.
Research expertiseLiterature of Han, Wei and the Six Dynasties【漢魏六朝文學】 and Literary Criticism of the Six Dynasties【六朝文學批評】.


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