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NameCHOU Feng-wu
Telephone number+886-2-33664049
Educational qualificationNational Literature Doctor
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Seminar【專題討論(與鄭毓瑜、蕭麗華、夏長樸合開)】, Practices of Calligraphy: Zhuan Shu篆書 and Li Shu隸書【篆隸習作】, Studies in Shang (Yin) Bronze Inscription【殷周金文研究】, History of Chinese Calligraphy in the Pre-Chin Period【先秦書法史】, Archeological Finds and Studies in Shang Shu【出土文獻與尚書研究】, Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy (with Writing Practice) 【書法及習作】, Chu Tzu【楚辭】, Studies on the Theory of Nature-Feeling【性情論研究】, Classical Chinese Semantics【訓詁學】, Studies on Chinese Characters of the Warring State Period【戰國文字研究】, Studies on the Bamboo Slips and Five Movements (Wu Xing五行)【簡帛五行研究】, Chinese Paleography【文字學】, Study of Chu Bamboo Slips Book IV from the Shanghai Museum【上博楚竹書(四)研究】, and Chinese【國文】.
Research expertiseThe Art of Calligraphy【書法藝術】, Chinese Paleography【文字學】, Dun-huang Studies【敦煌學】, Culture of the Chu Dynasty【楚文化】, Chinese Classical Literature【中國古典文學】, History of Pre-Qin and Western/Eastern Han Classics【先秦兩漢經學史】, and History of Ming and Qing Dynasty Paint


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