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NameCHOU Chih-wen
Telephone number+886-2-33664047
Educational qualificationPhD, National Taiwan University, Department of Chinese Literature
Job titleProfessor
DisciplineCourse Offered: Research in Vignettes of the Late Ming Dynasty【晚明小品研究】, Chinese【國文領域】, Readings in Chinese with Writing Practice【文選及習作】, Readings in Modern Chinese Fiction【現代小說選】, History of Chinese Thoughts【中國思想史】, Readings in Essays of Ming and Qing Dynasty【明清小品】, Readings in Modern Chinese Prose【現代散文選】, Seminar on the Three Philosophers of Early-Qing【清初三大儒專題討論】, and Trend of Modern Chinese Thoughts【中國近現代思潮】.
Research expertiseIntellectual History of the Ming and Qing Dynasty【明清學術史】, Literature of the Ming and Qing Dynasties【明清文學】, and Modern Chinese Literature【現代文學】.


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