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Undergradute (for native students)


  • Freshman: Introduction to Classical Chinese Studies (4), Introduction to Literature (4), Introduction to Linguistics (4)
  • Sophomore: Chinese Paleography (4), History of Chinese Literature (6), Readings in Chinese Prose (with Writing Practice) (4), Readings in Chinese Poetry (with Writing Practice) (4)
  • Junior: Chinese Phonology (4), History of Chinese Thought (6)
  • Senior: Hermeneutics (4)


There are also “Elective Required Course Groups,” where the student should choose courses over three course groups, comprised of various topics as follows:


A. Modern Poetry, Modern Prose, Modern Novel, History of Chinese Literature: from early modern to modern times (2 / 2 credits each semester): At least one must be chosen; B. Ci and Writing Practice, Classical Novel, Readings in Chinese Drama (2 / 2): At least one must be chosen; C. Book of Changes, Shang Shu, Shi Jing, Li Ji, Zuo Zhuan (2 / 2): At least one must be chosen; D. Four Books, Lao Tsu, Chuang Tsu, Hsun Tsu, Shi Ji (2 / 2): At least one must be chosen; E. Chu Ci, Zhaoming Wenxuan, Wen Hsin Tiau Lung, Shih Pin, Shih Shuo Shih Yu (2/ 2): At least one must be chosen.



  1. The minimum credit for graduation is 128 = 12 in general required courses + 12 in general courses + 44 of required courses in our Department + 20 of elective courses in our Department + at least 40 elective courses.
  2. The general required courses has 6 credits of Chinese and 6 credits for any other foreign language, also 0 credit for the course “Advanced English (1)” and “Advanced English (2)”.
  3. There are also three “Service” classes which are required and counted as 0 credit.
  4. There is a minimum of 4 credits for taking gym classes, but these credits are not counted in the graduation score.
  5. The 40 credits of the elective courses, 6 credits can be foreign language courses, 14 credits can be courses provided by other department.
  6. Credits related to minors are not counted as the 128 credits above.